Unique and Incomparable Six-needle Tilting Plate That Makes the Difference

Patented, sterile, single-use cartridges adapt perfectly to the skin’s surface and safely facilitate access to difficult areas for powerful, precise skin punctuation.

Tilting Needle Plate

  • Adapts to the surface of the skin for perpendicular needle penetration
  • Allows circular treatment for faster, more efficient treatment
  • Causes no sagging on the skin’s surface

Patented and Validated Safety Membrane

  • Prevents backflow of liquids to reduce the risk of contamination to the handpiece

Premium, High-Quality Needles

  • High precision and penetration force
  • Little to no recovery time, redness fades away shortly after recovery time
  • Less pain for patient
  • Low risk of infection due to rapid closure of puncture, less chance of undesirable effects


Patented Needle Technology that Transforms

Forceful, yet gentle entry of the high-quality amiea med EXCEED cartridge needle plate causes no sagging on the skin and helps increase penetration to target treatment areas and optimize results. The needles perforate the skin for only an instant, as the epidermis in between the puncture remains unharmed.

See the difference for yourself

Watch how the amiea med EXCEED’s patented tilting needle plate works quickly to create clean, extremely small punctures that allow the epidermis in between punctures to remain unharmed during each treatment.

Unmatched speed for exquisite results

The amiea med EXCEED’s superior speed and precision surpass other microneedling devices.

innovation that matters

The amiea med EXCEED cartridge has received numerous patents:

  • US 6,505,530
  • US 6,345,553
  • EP 2462979
  • EP 1618915